Penn Street Cricket Club PSCC squad


Captain : Paul Goodchild

A classically trained batsman from the school of shutting eyes and backing away to leg Paul has enthralled many spectators with his rhythmic run up earning him the Michael Holdling- esque handle of "Choking death"

Vice Captain : Nick Loftus

Military medium bowler who can also bat if required.

Vice Captain (2) : Jack Mendy


Vice Captain (3) : James Sempill

Left handed bat, right arm over. Go figure!
Tyler Armiger
Started with the juniors in 2002 but a regular supporter since 1998
Now coaching the juniors
Simon Briggs
As an elderly nertern blerk I accept my enthusiasm far exceeds capability but all the same enjoys the endeavor.
Likes: Tour,Cricket, beer, being very opinionated, snowboarding
Dislikes: You (probably)
Will Clarke
Regularly found shouting at Adam Tattan about something..most likely a dropped catch or ineptitude. 
Simon Dale
5-28!! Get in there.....
Chris Fletcher
In 2004 Penn Street Cricket Club was joined by Christopher E Fletcher on a free transfer from King Bromley c.c. a 23 year old from the midlands. Christopher was given the honour of vice captain in 2006 and was then promoted to club captain in 2008. In 2012 Christopher stepped down a club captain. 
Robert Fryer
Joined PSCC in 1989, proudest moments are losing spoof on his first tour and having to kiss Mr Oxley and captaining the team at Lords in 2001.
Now a very occasional player (don't ask)
I.T. illiterate (has no idea he even has a profile!!!)
Dave Harrison
Joined the club in 1990 and played regularly through the nineties/early millenium but less so recently due to being domiciled in Yorkshire. Aging left handed wicket keeping batsman known more for batting idiosyncracies ("yes, yes", holding the after shot position for up to 5 seconds after the ball has been hit/missed, etc) than for remarkable talent . Often referred to as a bit of a cult (at least I think that's what they said). Claim to fame is that I was keeping wicket when Coombesy bowled alternate bouncers and then a beamer to septagenarian, Nicholas Parsons in the Taverners Charity Match. In the ensuing fracas, cries of "oh I say, steady on" could be heard from the assembled luvvies. Chatting with Suzanne Dando in the pre match build up to the same game was a career highlight. Currently unable to play as much as I'd like due to work and family commitments. I Hope to make the occasional tour game and catch up with the great bunch that make Penn Street a special club. Update: have managed to squeeze a few games in over the past 3 or 4 years
Sam Hayward
Sam "Wayward" Hayward, christened as such due to his "mainly Bohemian" batting style, was described in a recent Wisden Almanack as a "tub-thumping, schnurrbart-sporting, foul-mouthed, heavy-drinking, Walsall FC supporting, Warwickshire born mid-to-low order batsman and avant-garde slow-armed bowler", which he thought was ruddy lovely. His debut season for Penn Street CC, the target is to move up and solidify a place in the batting order and to not drop his first attempted catch.
Jamie Hazeldine
Now a veteran of the Penn Street setup, I continue to play a supporting role to the team when I can; either batting, bowling, keeping or running around the field!
Simon Hennell
Still a bit chilly for me!!
Chris Herriott
Chris is probably the quietest of the Penn St. players, often prefering to read Wisden with half a bitter and a packet of plain crisps rather than getting involved in post match frivolities. Occasionally if he feels energetic he might be persuaded to have a game of shuv-hapeny. On the field of play, Chris bowles a steady medium/slow pace, with a perfect, high, straight arm action. He bats with the patience of Geoff Boycott, the style of David Gower and the temperment of Mike Atherton. He also plays a defensive shot with hands so soft you would think he had shares in Fairy Liquid! Summed up, Chris is the epotime of what a village cricketer should be......
Pete Jupp
Part of the original PSCC Junior Section, Pete has progressed through the ranks to the senior team. Loves to bat and bat and bat.  
Chris Loftus
A product of the origional PSCC juniors back in the day. I don't play as much as I used to as the cricket clashes with the Crown Bowls season and both games at a weekend takes it's toll on the joints.
Peter Lofty
Peter Lofty.
Age. 38
Former pup now a knackered old hound!

Rotund yet energetic tail ender who can bat a bit if fit enough.
On his day his slow medium swing bowling can be an effective 1st/2nd change and has led to the Holding/Goodchild esque nickname "Slow painful death!"

Chances of playing during the 2015 season = Slim
Which is a complete opposite to his physical state!

Neil (Maz) Marron
More used to holding a guitar than a cricket bat, Maz is the club musician.

A veteran of the Acklam Grange school field series of '99, he has been away from the game for a number of years, however on witnessing the boozing skills of Penn Street cricketers at one of his gigs he decided unquestionably that this was the club with which to make his return. Looking forward to his debut season for PSCC.

Right-hand bat, medium pace deadly accurate* bowler.

* Inconsistently. Either plum or directly to gully.
Matt Reavey
A batsman in the same mould as a Tavaré or an Atherton. However not so much in skill as in the level of disinterest he can induce in spectators on an off day! A product of the original PSCC Junior section, Matt has played for the senior side since the late 80s. Having frustrated many past captains with his ability to get in and then get out, his batting finally started to come good in 2007 just as his throwing arm packed up and he started having to use Deep Heat on a weekly basis! All hopes of a career as an allrounder were dashed by 2 people - James Oakden and Chris Herriott, after the former smashed his "tepid hand-grenades" for 37 in one over and the latter felt a ball just missing off stump on the 6th ball, was worthy of a "wide" call. He is most definitely NOT bitter!
Callum Sempill
Product of the Penn Street youth team. Bowling, batting, fielding, I can try it all. Medium pace bowler, aggressive batsman, ever present fielder.
Tony Smart
Middle age, eyes shot
Steve Smith
From the Brian Close school of batting, Steve once collected more bruises (11) than runs (5) in one 71 minute knock. An inability to actually score any runs has never put him off and he regularly provides the top of the order with stodge and forward defensives.

An occasional legspinner Steve is more often found slumbering at square leg as the ball trickles past him. Again.
William Spry
Left handed batsman and specialist wicket keeper discovered by Penn Street on Worcester tour c2004.
Kept out of the Glos and England team by my hero Jack Russell.
Died and went to heaven Cape Town, February 2012.
Major Teams:
Penn Street, Hampshire over 50 Firsts, Corse Lawn, Wyre Piddle, Woolhope 1st Xi, Waxlow,Bushley.
Favourite Band - REM
Favourite Food - Wedding Cake
Lifelong Ambition - To make a century and to win a tenner off Paul McStay
Rob Sutherland
Rob is that rare beast - a cricket playing Scotsman. He is a cavalier batsman (i.e lots of big hoiks, wild swishes, no defensive technique to speak of) and specialist close fieldsman, where his lightning reflexes, imperviousness to personal safety and dislike of having to turn and run after the ball makes him difficult to pass. Actually, when we say "lightning reflexes", we do of course mean "lightning relexes by the standards of a middleaged scotsman whose best chance of stopping the ball is to turn side-on to block it".
Declaration bowler only.
Adam Tattan
Just joined and really enjoying it.
Josh Tollerfield
just an average cricket player who just so happens to play for a Particularly Special Cricket Club
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