Penn Street Cricket Club News story

Interclub this game and social this weekend

27 Apr 2021

Dear all,

The team sheet has now been sent out for our Over 40s vs Under 40s game this Saturday starting at 1pm (12.30pm meet time). It's brilliant to see that we are currently able to field 26 players for the game, showing the depth of playing membership of our little club! I'll explain details of the format for the game on Saturday before we start. Ady and Archie White have been nominated as captains for the day, although they probably are just finding out as they read this message.

Please bring a (preferably alcoholic) beverage of your choice to enjoy, immediately after the game on the common. The one catch is that if your chosen drink comes from the same country as anyone else participating, then you will be asked to complete a forfeit, so choose wisely! I will also have a 'lucky dip' bag for those people who want to take part but 'forget' their drink. I'll be the judge of where your chosen drink comes from if there is any dispute. For the purpose of the game, Fosters is Australian despite being brewed in the UK. This is open to anyone who wishes to join in, playing or non playing!

There are some tables booked in the Squirrel for after the game if you want to stick around into the evening and you should be able to purchase food if you want it. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!