Penn Street Cricket Club News story

David Lander

07 Jan 2022

Earlier this week the Management Committee received the following message from Dave Lander:

My New Year's resolution:

I first played for Penn Street at the age of 13. I have had some wonderful years, particularly honoured to Captain the Club over 2 spells.The injury I received towards the end of last season brought it home that perhaps it was time to leave the playing side to the more-than able young(er) guns. I  will continue to play for Bucks Seniors whilst fitness permits. I will continue to work on the ground and, when available, will umpire if required. I have loved every moment on the field of play for this Particularly Special Cricket Club and it leaves me with so many wonderful memories & so many friendships, both within and outside our Club.

I wish you all much continued success on the field-of-play for many years to come...

Bless you all.....


Club President Matt Reavey replies as follows:

Congratulations Mr. Penn Street on the most amazing playing career - 828 innings across 6 decades, 12222 runs, 547 wickets, a record-breaking 307 catches.

Astonishing as these stats are, they don't even come close to telling the full story of your incredible ongoing contribution to our cricket club.

I'm sure I speak for a very long list of Penn Street players past and present, when I say it's been an honour to share a cricket pitch with you. Here's to some wonderful PSCC memories, and many more to come.

Best Wishes



And Chairbird Jane Fryer adds:

Dave has been a huge part of our club's history for the last 60 years. Junior player, player, captain, chairman, groundsman, junior manager and tour manager - to name a few.
Dave is a Life Member of PSCC and won the ECB's National Unsung Hero Award for his services to the club, a very well deserved win and a tribute to the dedication he has shown.

I know that whilst Dave may not continue playing, he will continue to be part of the heart of the club, as he always has.

We look forward to seeing him on the mower, on the roller, in an umpires coat and on future overseas tours too, after all he hasn't missed a single one yet!

What a fantastic innings.