Penn Street Cricket Club News story

This Weekend's Fixtures

20 Apr 2022

The 2022 Season is finally here!

And what a cracking pair of games we have to start it. Two home matches, both beginning at 1pm.

The first is an inter-club fixture between England and the Rest of the World, sure to be a game full of intrigue, incident and people being run out by their own teammates. There will be a social event in the Village Hall afterwards (if possible, please complete this form so that we know how many to cater for, but we will make sure we can provide for anyone who decides to come along at the last minute). However, please do not park at the Hall as there is an event on during the day that we are not invited to.

Then, on Sunday, we host Widmer End St Margarets in a now-traditional opening Sunday game.

The Teams for the weekend are as follows:


England have chosen an aggressive line-up which shows 12 changes from the debacle in Grenada and are so confident of victory that they have not even chosen a captain:

  1. Nick Johnson
  2. Josh Tollerfield
  3. Steve Smith
  4. Alistair Cossins
  5. Ben Hobbs
  6. Ben Marlow
  7. Archie White
  8. Matt Hewlett
  9. William Spry
  10. Simon Hennell
  11. Matt Hewlett
  12. Robert Fryer


Rest of the World

The ROW side lacks something of the panache of the early 1970s version. Out go the likes of Sobers, the Pollocks and Gibbs and in come a number of talented youngsters, some from unheralded parts of the cricketing globe.

  1. David Adams (South Africa)
  2. Jonny Barnett (France)
  3. Paul Goodchild (Ireland)
  4. Ben Cross (New Zealand)
  5. James Sempill (South Africa) (Captain)
  6. Asif Teja (Mexico)
  7. Jeremy Knox (New Zealand)
  8. David Jones (Wales)
  9. Caitlin Macken (Ireland)
  10. Alex Woest (South Africa)
  11. Richard O'Hagan (USA/Wales/Scotland/Norn Iron)


PSCC v Widmer End St Margarets

  1. Jonny Barnett
  2. Jamie Fryer
  3. Jeremy Knox
  4. Nick Loftus
  5. Sam Martin (WK)
  6. Caitlin Macken
  7. Adam Rawlings
  8. Chris Russell
  9. James Sempill (C)
  10. Josh Tollerfield
  11. Richard Spooner