Penn Street Cricket Club News story

Player Conduct Policy

19 Mar 2024

Good afternoon,

As mentioned at the Pre-Season Meeting, we have decided to implement a player conduct policy. The ECB now expects clubs to have them and by doing so we will be in a better position to apply for grants and other support from them.

The attached policy does actually go a bit further than the ECB one, for two reasons. First of all, the ECB inexplicably only prevents discrimination on the grounds of race. With the changing demographic of the club we thought it best to make ours more all-encompassing. It has always been the PSCC way to welcome players, officials and supporters of all kinds - and one look at the fixture and score cards will tell you that - so whilst it is no surprise that the people who actually play the sport are more broadminded than the people that run it, we see no reason not to proclaim that we are and that we always will be.

More understandably, the ECB version also admitted a lot of things that are specific to PSCC, such as taking your turn to do pitch prep and Village Hall duties, doing a spot of umpiring or even scoring when asked to do so, and so forth. We've added those in, too. 

As ever, if you have any questions about any of this, please do just drop one of us an email.