Penn Street Cricket Club News story

PSCC WhatsApp Community

11 Apr 2024

Dear all,
We have set up a new WhatsApp community to allow us to quickly share announcements relating to the club re. Social events, fixture cancellations, and important club news. This will not replace our email communications completely but will be useful as we transfer to our new website provider.

You might have already joined the community if you are a member of one of currently active WhatsApp group chats associated with the club, but if you're not and would like to be in the community to receive these announcements, you can join using this link:

If you are a PSCC Junior parent there is also a group you can join for updates and info (Joining this will also mean you receive club announcements):

if you are planning on playing for Penn Street this season, you will need to sign up for Teamo to enter your availablility. Please contact