Penn Street Cricket Club Barbados squad

Dave Harrison
Joined the club in 1990 and played regularly through the nineties/early millenium but less so recently due to being domiciled in Yorkshire. Aging left handed wicket keeping batsman known more for batting idiosyncracies ("yes, yes", holding the after shot position for up to 5 seconds after the ball has been hit/missed, etc) than for remarkable talent . Often referred to as a bit of a cult (at least I think that's what they said). Claim to fame is that I was keeping wicket when Coombesy bowled alternate bouncers and then a beamer to septagenarian, Nicholas Parsons in the Taverners Charity Match. In the ensuing fracas, cries of "oh I say, steady on" could be heard from the assembled luvvies. Chatting with Suzanne Dando in the pre match build up to the same game was a career highlight. Currently unable to play as much as I'd like due to work and family commitments. I Hope to make the occasional tour game and catch up with the great bunch that make Penn Street a special club. Update: have managed to squeeze a few games in over the past 3 or 4 years
William Spry
Left handed batsman and specialist wicket keeper discovered by Penn Street on Worcester tour c2004.
Kept out of the Glos and England team by my hero Jack Russell.
Died and went to heaven Cape Town, February 2012.
Major Teams:
Penn Street, Hampshire over 50 Firsts, Corse Lawn, Wyre Piddle, Woolhope 1st Xi, Waxlow,Bushley.
Favourite Band - REM
Favourite Food - Wedding Cake
Lifelong Ambition - To make a century and to win a tenner off Paul McStay